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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PopCap Games, a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA), today launched Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare for PC on Origin and other retailers worldwide. Since its wildly successful launch earlier this year on Xbox [...]

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GoG Summer Sale

We here at PCXmods really appreciate all things DRM free and who better to blog about than gog.com! These people have a MASSIVE collection of some of the best PC gamers ever and they're putting over 700 titles on sale. We've already bought up a few they have to offer. Head on over to gog.com and [...]

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What happens to Hybrid batteries?

Ever wondered what happens to hybrid batteries? Here's an interesting story on what happens to some of them courtesy of Popular Science (popsci.com).---Popular Science // http://www.popsci.com/blog-network/speed-lab/yellowstone-national-park-reuses-old-toyota-camry-hybrid-batteries-power?dom=PSC&loc=recent&lnk=1&con=yellowstone-national-park-reuses-old-toyota-camry-hybrid-batteries-to-power-buildings

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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

In honor of yesterday being D-Day;s 70th anniversary we thought it would be a fitting gamer tribute to blog about one of our favorite classic PC games ever: Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Back in the day when MOHAA (Medal of Honor: Allied Assault) was all the rage we used to hold some pretty big [...]

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D-Day June 6, 1944

We here at PCXmods.com wish to thank all the truly brave souls that fought for freedom on this day in 1944. No words can truly paint a picture of our inner most feelings of love and gratitude for the freedom we enjoy everyday. Thank you. ---US Army / http://www.army.mil/d-day/D-Day Museum UK / http://www.ddaymuseum.co.uk/d-day/d-day-and-the-ba...

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Announcing XTracGear new Carbonic Gamer Mouse Pad

We proudly introduce our long awaited XTracGear Carbonic gamer mouse pad. This product has been 1 year in the making. Trying various different kinds of textiles and patterns we've finally achieved a tremendous success with our XTracGear Carbonic mouse pad. Great fir for PC and Apple computer gamers!Carbonic features: Polished Textile surface for superior mouse glide and [...]

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All New Ripper Gamer Mat 2014

All new for 2014 is our top selling XTracGear Ripper gamer mouse pad. Check out what's new! Laser cur fray resistant edges Enhanced Sure Grip rubber backing Polished textile surface for excellent mouse glide and durabilityUpgraded satin finish full color retail packagingSince mid-2013 we've been working on a superior mouse surface. Today we're very proud to release our [...]

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All new XTracGear Ripper XXL

Over the last year we've been testing some new materials and really wanted to update our ever popular Ripper XXL gamer mouse mat. We've really done it! So, what's new then you may ask? Here's the list....Completely rebuilt the Ripper XXL from the ground up Added a laser cut edge which is awesome because it's designed [...]

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Deal Spotlight: GoG Atari & Kalypso PC Games

GoG is having a pretty sweet sale on some Atari and Kalypso games for the PC today. Some of the titles on sale are Tropico 3 Gold Edition for only $3.99 and Blood 2: The Chosen + Expansion for a mere $2.39! If you are not familiar with GoG then I would say probably the most [...]

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Netflix Streams in 4k

Fans of the show House of Cards will have the option to watch in 4K/Ultra HD format via Netflix online service. Jeff Baumgartner, technology editor from Multichannel News, has an article on this that you can check out. Link is listed below.------------------------------------------Multichannel.com // http://www.multichannel.com/news/tv-apps/netflix-s...Netflix // https://pr.netflix.com/WebClient/getNewsSummary.do?newsId=486

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