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Review: by Tech of Tomorrow

This is our first post of any product reviews in our new blog. This is really more of an unboxing than a review and it's by one of the tech industries great people, Mr. Elric (Doc Overclock) Phares! We are SO honored that he took some of his valuable time to check out our XTracPads [...]

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XTracPads Story Part 2

Several LAN parties later and having so many people commenting on how awesome our only mouse pad was we decided that maybe there would be a market for them in the real world. In 2002 PCXmods.com was born.At that time a lot of gamers were into modifying their computer cases and we thought our mouse pads were [...]

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XTracPads Story Part 1

In 1999 two gamers decided to throw a local area network (LAN) party and invited a few friends. During the LAN we were playing a game and we noticed how aweful using the desk for a mouse surface was. That's when the idea hit on how to improve our game. After all, a gamers connection [...]

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Jittery Mouse Cursor

Mouse cursor skipping around your screen got you bugged? Well bug no more! Here's a few things to try before calling the people who made your mouse.__________________________________________________1) If your mouse is plugged into the front or top of your computer, or into a usb hub, try relocating the usb connector to a different usb socket. [...]

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How to clean a mousepad

Occasionally we are asked how to clean a mousepad. We thought it would be good to post a nice how-to so here it is courtesy of wikiHow. LINK > How to Clean a mousepad <The short order is this;1) Dampen a clean microfiber towel with water.2) Add a drop of dish washing soap to the damp portion [...]

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What's the difference between a mouse pad and a mouse surface?

So what's the difference between a mouse pad and a mouse surface? A mouse pad is a simple material that may be soft or hard in nature that allows a mouse to be moved about. A mouse surface is a precision material used for exacting mouse movements. Typically a high quality mouse surface, like XTracPads products, will [...]

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Ripper XXL available in limited quantity

After a long wait, our famous Ripper XXL mats are now available again. We only have a limited amount available so it's a first come first served basis. Thanks to everyone who has waited for these :)

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Ripper XXL Closer

We're very close to the re-release of our Ripper XXL desktop mat. Hang in there, only a little longer to go!

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Welcome to 2014

It's 2014, can you believe it! We have some really cool new products we're working on this first quarter of this year. Expect to see some new mouse surface technologies emerge in the next 60-90 days!

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from us to you!

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