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Hardware Slave Carbonic Review

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Today Hardware Slave has reviewed our XTracGear Carbonic gamer mouse surface. You can check out the review by clicking HERE

Many thanks to Jim for another great review. 


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Hardware Slave Ripper and Ripper XXL Surfaces Review

It's always great to have a gamer dedicated review site take the time to test out our products and that's just what's been posted today over at Hardware Slave. Hardware Slave review our latest XTracGear Ripper and Ripper XXL gamer surfaces, check it out :)---Hardware Slave  ///  http://www.hardwareslave.com/reviews/peripherals/s...XTracGear  ///  http://www.xtracgear.com/

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XtremeHardware reviews XTracGear Carbonic, Ripper and Ripper XXL gamer mats

Tommaso Mele from XtremeHardware reviews our XTracGear Carbonic, Ripper and Ripper XXL gamer mouse mats today... in Italian! Click HERE to read the review (in Italian)Thanks to Tomasso Mele for his time and efforts in reviewing these three mats. Also, a HUGE thank you to all the Italian hard-core gamers out there! I giocatori italiani sono impressionanti!---XtremeHardware  [...]

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[phoronix] reviews our XTracGear Carbonic, Ripper and Ripper XXL mats

Into Linux? We love it! Phoronix is a review site dedicated to the Linux community and today Michael Larabel reviews our three latest gaming mouse surfaces. See what Michael has to say in this latest review. Thanks to Michael Larabel for agreeing to review these new pads of ours and thanks for supporting the Linux gaming [...]

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NeoSeeker gets up close and personal with some of our newest mouse surfaces

In their latest computer hardware review NeoSeeker takes a good look at our XTracGear Carbonic, Ripper and Ripper XXL gamer mats. Many thanks both to NeoSeeker and Marvin Purdy for reviewing and posting this detailed review. ---NeoSeeker  ///  http://www.neoseeker.com/Articles/Hardware/Reviews...XTracGear  ///  http://www.xtracgear.com/

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XTracGear Ripper Review by Test Freaks Blog

Test Freaks Blog reviews our all new XTracGear Ripper gamer mouse pad. You can check our their review HERE. Many thanks to all the hard work Kristofer Brozio has put into this. Kristofer Brozio is the gentleman who reviews many products for Test Freaks Blog as well as several other online publications. ---Test Freaks Blog  ///  [...]

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Benchmark Reviews XTracGear Ripper XXL

Benchmark Reviews takes a look at our XTracGear Ripper XXL gamer deskmat which you can read HERE. A big thank you to Benchmark Reviews for checking out our Ripper gamer mat! Thanks guys :)---Benchmark Reviews  ///  http://benchmarkreviews.com/18684/xtracgear-ripper...XTracGear Ripper  ///  http://www.xtracgear.com/mouse-pads/textile-surfac...

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XTracGear Ripper Review

The folks over at Aph Networks have posted another great review, this time it's for our all new XTracGear Ripper gamer mouse surface. The link to their review is HERE. Again, many thanks to Aph Networks for their valuable time in doing this review. ---Aph Networks  ///  http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/xtracgear_ripperXTracGear  ///  http://www.xtracgear.com/mouse-pads/textile-surfac...

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Dragon Steel Mods reviews our XTracGear Ripper XXL Deskmat

We are honored today to have another wonderful review by the well known Dragon Steel Mods review site. They take a detailed look at our all new XTracGear Ripper XXL gamer deskmat. You can read their review HERE.Thanks a lot for your review and a special thanks to Mr. Kristofer Brozio for sharing some of [...]

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APH Networks is in 'da house!

APH Networks, a well known and well established review website has just posted their XTracGear Carbonic gamer mouse pad review. You can check it out by clicking HERE.---APH Networks  ///  http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/xtracgear_carbonicXTracGear  ///  http://www.xtracgear.com/mouse-pads/textile-surfac...

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