About Us

Gamers, this is the word that best descibes us.

The year was 1999 and we decided to hold our first LAN (local Area Network) party and invited a few friends over to our warehouse. There we hooked up our computers together and played some multiplayer PC games all night long. We liked this so much that we decided to do it again. This next time we realized that the mouse pads we were usign were just horrible. You know, the ones you buy from the dollar store for... a dollar? Yeh, we had those. That's when we had the idea to make our own pad. Born in that year was our first ever mouse pad, the PCXmods gamer pad!

Time marched on and so did our pad design. In March of 2002 we decided to take the plunge and quit our day jobs to start PCXmods. We began with $700 and a really great mouse pad. People who were using our pads told us how awesome they were and how well theor mice tracked on them. What happened next? Well, we started our first product line, XTracPads!

15 mouse pads and mouse surfaces later we're working on expanding our XTracPads line into some electronics. Please feel free to keep checking back to see what's new, we love gaming, awesome quality products and most of all, our terrific customers.

PCXmods "Pure Gaming Addiction"